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We provide complete irrigation services for residential and commercial properties throughout the North DFW area. Our crew can install, maintain, or repair any type of sprinkler system. Let us know if you have questions about landscape irrigation.

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I've used these guys twice and each time they have been professional, on time and courteous.

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The technician came at the appointed time and worked diligently until he found the problem.

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They were able to come out earlier than scheduled due to a cancellation, which I appreciated.

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An irrigation system is a network of underground pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads that deliver water to lawns, gardens, and other landscaped areas. The purpose of an irrigation device is to provide the correct amount of water at the right time to keep plants healthy. However, it can be a severe problem if the watering equipment is not fully functional.

The life expectancy of a sprinkler system in Carrollton depends on several factors, including how well it is installed, how well it is maintained, and how much use it gets every season. The average life expectancy of a residential irrigation equipment is 15 to 20 years. Commercial systems have a longer life expectancy because they are more robust than residential units.

Sprinkler repair is a specialized trade that requires expertise in plumbing, electrical wiring, and landscaping work. Ensure the safety of your property by hiring a professional irrigation company in Carrollton to handle any problems that may arise with the system.

Patchy lawn – A patchy yard in Carrollton indicates issues with the irrigation system. The most common cause of this problem is overwatering or underwatering. If you notice dry areas on the lawn, check the sprinkler heads to see if they cover the entire area. If there is a coverage issue, we need to adjust the sprinkler heads.

High water bill – If the water bill is higher than usual, check the plumbing for leaks and make sure the meter is running correctly. Call an irrigation company if the water bill is still high after checking the interior plumbing lines. We can send a technician in Carrollton who will be able to determine if there is a problem with the sprinkler system.

Sputtering heads – If one or more sprinklers are sputtering instead of spraying water correctly, the nozzles are clogged with dirt or debris. Before activating the irrigation system again, we need to remove each sprinkler head to professionally clean any buildup or replace the faulty parts.

01. Assessment – The first step in the sprinkler repair process is to assess the irrigation system. Our technicians in Carrollton will examine the entire equipment to determine what is causing the malfunction. They will do so in a way that does not disrupt your normal activities. After the inspection has been completed, we will estimate how much time it will take to repair.

02. Repair – If there are any problems with the irrigation unit, our team of professionals will repair them quickly and efficiently to safeguard the health of your landscape. Our clients typically do not have to wait around for days to get a sprinkler system fixed. We offer same-day service for emergency repairs in Carrollton.

03. Maintenance – A property with an extensive landscaping area that requires regular watering will need a qualified professional to maintain the vegetation. We offer seasonal maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients. Our technicians can ensure that your sprinkler system is operating at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Winterization – It is the process of protecting an irrigation system when freezing temperatures are expected. Winterization can be done in several ways, but the most common method is to drain all water from the pipes, which prevents them from bursting.

Spring start-up – Once spring arrives in Carrollton, we activate sprinkler systems by turning on the irrigation valves. Our technicians run each zone for 10 minutes to ensure there are no leaks or problems with the equipment. If one irrigation zone has a problem, we turn off the valves and check that zone individually to repair the system.

Backflow testing – A backflow device is a valve that prevents contaminated water from entering a potable water supply. These backflow valves are used for both outdoor and indoor watering systems in Carrollton. Backflow testing is necessary to ensure that an irrigation system is not contaminating the drinking water supply of a building.