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We provide complete irrigation services for residential and commercial properties throughout the North DFW area. Our crew can install, maintain, or repair any type of sprinkler system. Let us know if you have questions about landscape irrigation.

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An irrigation system is a network of pipes and valves designed to hydrate landscapes. Irrigation in Garland is essential for most plants and can help vegetation grow three times faster than if it relied on rainfall alone. Sprinkler units are commonly used in residential lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and municipal parks.

There are many reasons why an irrigation device might experience malfunctions. Some problems are mechanical: clogged or broken sprinkler heads, damaged valves or pipes, outdated control panel, and so forth. A poorly designed system can also cause issues. For example, if there is not enough pressure to push water through all the pipes, some sprinkler heads will not spray evenly or not spray at all.

Landscape watering devices are typically maintained by homeowners who tend their gardens regularly, but professional technicians may also support them. Our sprinkler repair specialists have the experience and tools to service any irrigation equipment in Garland. Contact us to make an appointment if you need help repairing an irrigation system.

Patchy lawn – If the grass has yellow or brown spots in some lawn areas, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the water pressure of the irrigation system. A lawn watering device in Garland needs at least 40 pounds per square inch of pressure to operate correctly. If it is less than this amount, parts of the lawn will not get watered.

High water bill – You are possibly spending more money on water due to a damaged irrigation device. Busted underground lines can waste water without ever being noticed. A professional in Garland can detect leaks and repair broken pipes to decrease your abnormally high water utility bill.

Sputtering heads – Sprinklers are usually made from plastic and work by rotating slowly around an axis to distribute water evenly over an area. If a sprinkler head breaks or deteriorates after many years of use, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

01. Assessment – An inspection will help us determine the problem and give us a better idea of how to fix it. We need to know how the equipment was laid out and its current condition. Once we have that information, we can give you a detailed estimate to start repairing or replacing the damaged parts of the sprinkler system.

02. Repair – After the assessment is complete, we will make the necessary repairs to restore the functionality of the watering device. A functional sprinkler system in Garland is one of the essential parts of maintaining a healthy landscape. Our professional irrigation repair service will ensure that the lawn and plants stay healthy.

03. Maintenance – Sprinkler repair is only effective if it is part of a larger plan for irrigation system maintenance. Sporadic repairs can damage the landscape and make the watering device less efficient over time. Our irrigation company in Garland provides seasonal maintenance plans that include regular inspections to address problems before they get worse.

Winterization – When freezing weather arrives in Garland, we need to take specific steps to protect the sprinkler system from damage caused by frost heaves. Our technicians will shut off the water supply of the equipment, drain all the liquid from the irrigation lines with an air compressor, and deactivate the control panel. This maintenance task will prevent costly disrepairs during the spring.

Spring start-up – A sprinkler start-up prepares the irrigation unit for the growing season in Garland. The activation includes turning on the water source of the sprinkler valves, activating all irrigation zones, and inspecting the system for leaks. We also ensure that all sprinkler heads are positioned correctly and configure the watering schedule of the control panel.

Backflow testing – Backflow preventers are installed on irrigation systems to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the potable water supply. In some states, backflow testing is required by law because non-potable liquids can potentially carry harmful bacteria and other contaminants into the drinking water.