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We provide complete irrigation services for residential and commercial properties throughout the North DFW area. Our crew can install, maintain, or repair any type of sprinkler system. Let us know if you have questions about landscape irrigation.

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I've used these guys twice and each time they have been professional, on time and courteous.

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The technician came at the appointed time and worked diligently until he found the problem.

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They were able to come out earlier than scheduled due to a cancellation, which I appreciated.

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Irrigation systems consist of a pipe network connected to a water source and an automatic control that regulates flow by opening or closing valves. The water is distributed from these pipes to the irrigation nozzles. The sprinkler heads can be positioned at any angle, height, or distance from one another to optimize the watering coverage.

Irrigation units constitute a significant part of landscaping and must be adequately maintained. When a sprinkler system in McKinney stops operating, many things can go wrong with the vegetation. Some mechanical issues are easy to fix, while others may require the help of a qualified professional.

If an irrigation device needs repair in McKinney, contact our crew. We will arrive at your property and fix any problems with the watering equipment, whether it is an issue with one sprinkler head or an entire irrigation zone. We have fast response times and can come to your residence within 24 hours of receiving a call.

Patchy lawn – Lawns are the first thing watered during the spring in McKinney, but grass can get stressed in mid-summer if it does not get enough liquid and nutrients. This causes the lawn to lose its green color and become patchy. The problem is most likely due to an irrigation system that is not operating adequately.

High water bill – If the utility bill is higher than usual, it could be caused by broken underground irrigation pipes. If the sprinkler system has leaks, we can fix them immediately to save you money on water bills and prevent damage to the yard from erosion caused by overwatering.

Sputtering heads – A sputtering sprinkler head means that there is something trapped inside, which prevents them from watering correctly. The problem is solved by flushing the irrigation lines using an air compressor, thoroughly cleaning the nozzles, or replacing the faulty sprinkler heads.

01. Assessment – The first step in any sprinkler repair project is assessing the irrigation equipment. A qualified technician in McKinney will be able to determine the damage to the sprinkler system and offer suggestions on how to restore its functionality.

02. Repair – Once we assess the irrigation device, we can provide a quote for the sprinkler repair assignment. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. If you decide to hire us, we will complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, keeping disruptions to a minimum.

03. Maintenance – Regular upkeep is vital to protect the irrigation unit from breaking down. We recommend taking a proactive approach by scheduling regular inspections with our team of professionals in McKinney. This way, we can identify areas of concern before they become serious issues that require extensive repairs.

Winterization – When temperatures drop below freezing levels in McKinney, water can freeze and burst the underground lines, causing extensive damage to the landscape. Winterization is the process of protecting an irrigation device from cold weather. The most common method for winterizing a sprinkler system is to drain the water from the equipment.

Spring start-up – Sprinkler start-up prepares the sprinklers for the warm growing season in McKinney. The first step is to check the condition of the irrigation system. This includes cleaning debris from the sprinkler heads and checking for hidden leaks. Next, we turn on the water supply and open the irrigation valves. It is advisable to slowly open each valve individually until all irrigation zones are watering. Lastly, a technician configures the watering schedule of the control panel.

Backflow testing – Backflow prevention devices are required by law in most states to protect public health. These devices are installed on irrigation units to prevent contaminated water from entering a potable water supply. If your sprinkler system has a backflow prevention device, it must be tested annually.